Dev Blog 6 – It’s Always a Balancing Act

What’s my motivation?

Certain elements in game are necessary. The mechanics, the graphics and features are always at the highest of said imaginary list that exist in our heads as gamers. The one thing we sometimes over look is creating a story. JK Rowling once said “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” It is so true especially in our era of gaming. It allows you to give you the motivation of killing that enemy or picking up that item. Why should I care?

Now we, at RillyBoss, aren’t planning on a creating a game with a novel worth of lore and backstory. We want you to have a story that motivates you and gives you purpose in our world. When we first discussed this project, we knew what the theme was going to be and the features. Yet, we did not know how to tie a story in. We could have just said “hey, you’re a warrior! Fight these things!”. That works for most games initially, but when that happens for the 37th time. You’ll get annoyed. So in our first team meeting, I threw out the idea of the player being a sort of Dungeon and Dragon player playing a round and imagining himself in that adventure, since it is VR. Though my inner comedian came out and added an additional idea, which was, “what if the Dungeon Master was drunk?” This spurred idea after idea for the game as a team. This idea motivated us and some design choices we are going with. So with this idea, we came up with a bunch of ideas for the title of said Drunken Dungeon master narrates story of your adventure VR project (That is not the title, just fyi).  We decided to let you, our potential player, choose our title for the game which we had many people give us feedback and will be revealing the name soon.

Now, with the title and the story in hand, we are starting to draft a script for voice actors. These voice actors will probably be drunk when reading it, so we can get an authentic inebriated feel to your impending adventure.


It’s always a balancing act

As I work on this project, I will be, to use a baseball term, a utility player. I will bounce around wherever the project needs me. I am modeling assets for the game that are sometimes not the most interesting to look at, so I decided to talk about me how I’ll be writing and shaping the story for this project. I’m excited about this project and the story that will be told.


Wubba Dubba Dub,


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