Dev Blog 1 – Diving into Virtual Reality

RillyBoss Studios dives into Virtual Reality

We are currently working on releasing a Virtual Reality game targeted for PC Players with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch headsets. Our unnamed project is early in development. The inspiration for our project comes from the “Quest for the Golden Trophy” minigame in the VR title Rec Room. The game is being developed in the Unity Engine, and is written in C#. We are hoping to have an alpha build of the project available by the end of October.

Our New Project

The focus for our new project is to provide a multiplayer game that provides both cooperative and competitive game play. In cooperative mode, players will journey together to ultimately defeat an evil presence within a fantasy virtual setting. In competitive mode, players will battle for honor and glory in game modes such as Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch. Players will use weapons such as swords, bows, maces, axes, and more to defeat their enemies. By utilizing motion controllers, players will need to physically swing and dodge to defeat their opponents.

We currently have implemented the following features:

  • Motion controllers which track head and hand movement.
  • Track Pad Locomotion.
  • Objects which can be picked up and wielded by the player including swords, shields, arrows, and bows.
  • Enemies.
  • Online Networked Multiplayer which syncs players and objects.

Before our first alpha build is available, I would like have the following features implemented:

  • Cooperative Mode with up to 5 levels.
    • Each level will feature at least one unique boss, which will need to be defeated to progress to the next level.
  • Multiplayer Mode with two Game Modes.
    • Capture the Flag
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Each mode will feature a unique map for play.
  • Player Customization
    • Players will be able to customize their gender and appearance.
  • Multiplayer Lobby
    • Players will meet in a single lobby where they can choose and start games.
  • Network Voice Chat
    • Players will be able to communicate via voice.
  • Additional Locomotion Options
    • Allow for teleportation locomotion.


The game is coming together nicely, but our players need something to fight! This week was spent building a basic enemy AI system, which will track players within a certain range. Currently the enemies do not take any damage from the players. I need to determine the best way to allow for weapon swings to damage an enemy as a player could wildly swing their hands to cause massive damage. I may implement a “cool down” period where the weapon cannot damage an enemy for half of a second after first damaging an enemy. This would also help deflect damage when wielding a shield.
I am also working on implementing different enemy behaviors which will allow for enemies to not only attack the players, but allow them to also run, hide, etc.

Once we have fleshed out the enemy behaviors, we will start designing the initial cooperative maps. Stay tuned!


  1. It’s obvious there’s a lot of work and thought going in to this game, and I’m excited to see the final product!!

    1. Author


      Thank you for the kind words! We are working hard to build a product we think the players will enjoy. I look forward to the day you are playing our game!

      Thank you for your support,

      Billy Ross

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