Community Update 7 – The Climb

Dreamhack 2017

We had massively successful time at Dreamhack 2017 at our booth this last weekend. We were able to finally give players the opportunity to try out a demo of our game with multiplayer and received rave reviews and praise for it. We received tons of feedback which we’ve been reviewing and analyzing diligently to incorporate as many of our fans ideas into Knights of the Drowned Table as possible. During the event we got to talk with so many wonderful, friendly people and even made many new fans from the event. RillyBoss Studios ended up being in the top 3 of the Game Pitch Contest at Dreamhack! Everyone here at RillyBoss studios wants to thank all who attended and who came to our booth to try out the game and look forward to giving you a final taste of the real deal very soon. Also, if you haven’t checked out our Oculus giveaway, head over to our main page for details on signing up!

We Don’t Bite!

We’ve finally been able to release our Knights of the Drowned Table BrightLocker and Steam game pages to the public. The game itself is currently not up for download yet, though we may have some surprises coming out soon! We are very happy about the release of both of these pages as they are huge milestones in our development and are encouraged by their release. It’s taken some time to get everything set up but we are ready to start showcasing the game and its progress on these social platforms!

The Climb

It took a lot of prep and sweat to get the game to where it is now, but it’s far from finished and we have a deadline we need to meet to make sure all of you are able to play the game in time for Christmas! We’re currently developing our next two levels plus a multiplayer PvP level or two before the release. Right now we have a creepy and dark filled level in the works with tons of action and interesting puzzles! Our development blogs will be showing off their work soon on what our concepts and thoughts are for the coming objectives and game levels. If you are interested in our design process, head on over to BrightLocker to watch development sessions and create your own ideas for the game, or jump into our Discord chat to watch in real time as we discuss the progress of our game development 24/7. Don’t be afraid, jump on in, we’d love to hear your ideas and chat with you!

PAX 2017

Finally, we’d like to officially announce that we will be attending PAX 2018 in two booths in San Antonio! We’ve worked hard to get to this point and will have a fully released game to demo by this time in January as well. We are highly encouraged by everyone’s genuine interest in our game and can’t wait to show off our fully developed game for PAX. Take a look at our events page for more details on the event, location, booth and times!

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