Community Update 6 – Polish, Repeat

Polish, Repeat

With the team wrapping up our first level, polish passes are soon upon us. This means going back through and polishing things we were overlooking before and optimizing them to look presentable and astounding to players. From creating all new props to changing code, our team is busting their butts to give players the best experience in both looks and game-play that we possibly can. That being said, we've begun preparations and development on both our 'waiting room' for the start of the game before players choose their quests, and also our second level which is set to be inside a castle! More on these developments to come in the next two weeks so keep a lookout for our dev and community posts!

RillyBoss on Brightlocker

We have so much to present to the world already with our game and we can't wait for people to see it first hand. We want everyone to see our progress and plan to have players play a part in the development process through our recent partnership with Brightlocker. Our team has been hard at work creating the content, images, and rewards for our new Brightlocker page and hope to get everyone involved and as excited as we are during the development of the game. Brightlocker will give players a chance to help us out by having opportunity to direct how we develop the game or being a part of it, donating, and getting rewards for your contributions! Its really awesome so check us out and we thank you for your support!

Visit Our Booth!

Last week we discussed that we would be attending Dreamhack this year, and we would like to invite you to join us and visit our booth for a chance to win an Oculus Rift, try out our game, and get cool swag! Our team has been working very hard to prepare for this event, not only from a developers standpoint, but designing our banners and props for the event as well. The event will be held at the National Western Complex from October 20th - 22nd. Our entire team will be there every day answering questions, giving out positive vibes, and awesome swag! We can't wait to see you at our booth!

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