Community Update 5 – The Dunes Arise


For those who don’t know, RillyBoss Studios recently attended an event in Denver to once again show off our demo of Knights of the Drowned Table. We received some fantastic feedback from both game developers and fans alike and have been working diligently to implement the ideas and suggestions we’ve received. As a team, we’ve taken this feedback from the events we’ve done and have discussed in depth about how we want the game to look and feel. I’m proud to say we have some exciting new features in the works and we thank you all whom visited us and took the time to give us feedback!

Work, Work, Work

Since our last community update we’ve been very hard at work conceptualizing and developing Knights of the Drowned Table from the ground up. We’ve put our best minds to work on coding, constructing, and modeling a stunning new environment that we can’t wait to show off. Our artists have been busy making hundreds of new props, textures, and other art to put together our first full level which is set to be in the middle of the desert. We have all new enemies, characters, objectives, animations, and audio in the works to make sure you have the most immersive and enjoyable virtual reality experience. Keep an eye out for our developer updates for more on their behind the scenes process!

Site Updates

If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve spruced up our front page a bit and we hope to continue adding features including a page dedicated to our new game, Knights of the Drowned Table, very soon. With this new format we aim to make navigation and accessibility of the blog posts, games, and other site features smooth and seamless. We’ve set up a community and support Discord chat that we will be posting a link to on the website very soon for everyone to access and provide feedback, talk to developers, and interact with fellow fans with. Keep visiting our sites to check for more updates!

Developing the Dry & Arid

With the team hard at work on creating incredible looking characters and props for the last two months, construction of the our first level has been underway and is nearing completion. We’ve conceptualized and designed several objectives for the players to accomplish during the level to complete one final goal. Each objective is set to have its own unique look and style with brand new enemies and encounters to keep the player alert and on their toes. With that in mind, we’ve created some captivating desert scenery to entice your senses and get you immersed in the game.

Big Things Are Coming

With our first level nearing completion we’ve been eager to let players test it out, so we’ve booked an event at Dreamhack Denver to showcase Knights of the Drowned Table on October 20th – 22nd! We are very excited to give players a first hand look at the work that we’ve been producing and can’t wait to show it off. We will be attending with our own RillyBoss Studios booth where people can win prizes, get RillyBoss swag, and test out the game with multiple players! We will be keeping you up to date on this event and our booth in the coming week, so keep a lookout and we hope to see you there!

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