Community Update 2

Do You See Us?

With the release of our new website comes an abundance of other preparation. Social media presence has taken precedence as one of the most important segments of our company to establish. With that being said, our marketing team is actively busy creating profiles across the web and researching the best sites, blogs, and events to gain ubiquity in the gaming world. So keep a lookout in the coming weeks for RillyBoss presence and support us by bringing awareness to your own social network and friends!

Playable Demo

In the coming months we aim to start gaining traction not only in social media, but also physically in the real world by allowing people to start test driving the game content we push. To start, we are going to premier our games at local gaming events in Denver, CO and get feedback on what to improve and what people would like to see in the games we release. We will be posting the locations of these events on our social media pages, just check out the social links at the bottom of our website. If you are in the area this Monday, drop by the Platt Park Brewing Co. at 6pm to play some games and possibly get some RillyBoss swag!

Lookin’ Good

If you’ve visited the website you know that its super new, but the content is blooming. Our team has been working diligently to update the site with great content, images, and graphics to make it look pristine. We’ll be releasing our current game development project pages on the site for everyone to preview within the next week!


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