Community Update 1

A first time for everything!

After roughly a month of work, I am excited to publish the first entry in the RillyBoss Studios Blog. My goal is to publish an update once per week – if my schedule allows it. I would love any feedback regarding the blog, and how it can better make the development of our software at RillyBoss Studios as transparent as possible. Our goal is to work directly with the community to build software that is fun and engaging. The past month has been quite busy as we are working not only on developing our second project, but also on growing and building our business.

New Faces

I am pleased to announce that Taylor Pepler-Madsen ( joins RillyBoss Studios as our Community Manager. Taylor has been working with RillyBoss Studios, as he designed our logo and a majority of the graphics in our mobile game RillyBoss Reversi. Taylor will now be responsible for communications, web development, PR, graphics design, social media, events, and content creation. Taylor brings many years of web design and graphics to the table and we are very lucky to have him on board! Keep an eye on our website over the upcoming weeks, as Taylor will be performing some major and much needed visual overhaul.

Community Update

It has been a stressful week – working full time while trying to get the business off of the ground has definitely been taking its toll. I spent the beginning of the week designing and implementing a basic system for computer controlled enemies into our untitled upcoming VR game. The second half of the week has been devoted towards the administrative side of the business. I have been working on securing an LLC, launching the company website, and building a presence on social media. I truly hope in the long run that these endeavors will pay off.

E-mail Woes

A major source of stress has been caused by GoDaddy and Office 365. I manage an enterprise Office 365 environment at the office and am very familiar with the product. Because of this, we use Office 365 as our e-mail platform, and I originally purchased the product from GoDaddy. Unfortunately, the product from GoDaddy is missing many features from the Official Microsoft product. After using GoDaddys version for the past few months, I’ve finally had enough and reached out to Microsoft to migrate my service. In order to migrate, Microsoft had me purchase all new licensing and instructed that I request a refund from GoDaddy. Unfortunately GoDaddy does not offer refunds after 30 days, even though Office 365 is a subscription based service. The same product from Microsoft can be refunded at any point during your subscription. All said and done, I have lost $150 for a service that I can no longer use. I would definitely not recommend GoDaddy for Office 365 to any one.

Looking Forward

We are looking to start building social media presence as well as finish our website design. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. We are so excited about RillyBoss; Reversi, the Blog, and the soon to be released game!! Most certainly, the hard work and long nights will pay off. You’re headed in the right direction. Keep it up. We’re eager to see what’s next for RillyBoss!! I & K Romero, New Mexico

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! We are busy busting our butts over here trying to chase our dreams. I do not want to dissapoint.

      Much love,

      Billy Ross

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